Best gifts for gamers this holiday season


Gamers are some of the easiest people to shop for, because there’s always so much new gear to buy, from game consoles and gaming accessories to computers and even gamer tailored TVs. But this holiday season may be slightly more difficult to get the perfect gift, in that the current generation of living room consoles, like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, are each several years old. That means new models are expected at this time next year, and most serious gamers own one or more of the current crop already.

So what are the best gifts for gamers this holiday season? Well the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch all have newer, upgraded versions that could be worth trading up to, but there’s also a leap forward for virtual reality headsets and, on the other end of the spectrum, retro video game consoles that take the avid gamer down memory lane. Either way, we’re not going to let that stop us from finding an amazing lineup of the best gaming gifts! I’ll keep adding to this list as new, worthwhile gamer gear crosses my desk.

Scott Stein/CNETA smaller, lighter version of the popular Switch, built exclusively for mobile use. That means it can’t connect to your TV, but the design is perfectly hand-size, with permanently attached controllers that won’t get lost in your bag, making a great gift. And if your gamer giftee will need to transfer game saves from an original Switch, they can navigate that particular minefield by following these instructions.

Hands-down the best overall VR headset experience for consumers right now. While the app library for Oculus’ new headset is small, it also kills the big external cords hanging off the back, so it’s perfect for a small living room or bedroom. The Quest provides an immersive VR experience with great controls and full positional tracking — requiring no phone, PC or game console. It’s basically the VR experience we were promised since at least the 1980s.


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