The spotlight was on Ada in the last few days due to the noise of some naysayers who have hijacked the airwaves with the noise of a purported demonstration that came off on Thursday 4th May 2023 in Accra
To the dismay of the organizers of the demonstration, the seven VIP buses that were brought to Ada to convey the demonstrators left Ada empty. Only one of the buses left with some atsiakpo operators. The people of Ada have thus proven that indeed they have accepted the change that is currently happening in the Songor lagoon, something they have yearned for over the years.
In Accra, we saw pockets of people following the atsiakpo operators whose activities have contributed to the destruction of the Songor Lagoon and want to ask where they got those people from because Ada disappointed them. Does it mean the people who were used for the demonstration are not a true reflection of the Ada people?
Even the petition that was presented to the government was signed by one Ebenezer Adjaotor, an NDC propagandist who is being used by elements within the NDC to make the government unpopular within the Sege constituency using the Songor as leverage.
We want to as the following questions:
Who is ASLA? Is it an existing group or a newly formed group by the NDC after the lease was granted just to frustrate the government and the investor?
who is Ebenezer Adjaotor?
In what capacity did he sign the said petition?
Where are the so-called chiefs they claim were part of this demonstration and why didn’t they sign the petition to grant it some respect?
Is it that the politician now wants to destroy the traditional governance system in Ada?
Why is the NDC using the Songor to bring so much disrespect to the chiefs of Ada?
Since political propagandists become representations in signing petitions on behalf of the chiefs of Ada?
Is the NDC using Ebenezer Adjaotor to gain some political sympathy using the Songor as leverage?
In short, this demonstration does not represent the voice of the people of Ada.

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