Self-style Pantang Chief -Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah Jailed For 6 Months


The High Court of Accra on the 18th March 2022 have sentenced for 6 months imprisonment with one-year good behaviour bond.

The Nii Afutu Brempong and Nii Sasraku Family of Teshie Krobo, owners of Pantang a suburb of the Greater Accra Region, has cautioned the general public against dealing with a self-styled chief of the area, Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah.

The self-styled chief, Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah from Nyonmo Tsaanaa kle of the Nuumo Nmashie family of Teshie, operating under the stool name Nii Adjetey Otubuah II has been sentenced to prison for six months over his capacity as chief of the area.

In a Disclaimer issued by the Nii Afutu Brempong and Nii Sasraku family heads, the said Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah has been sentenced to jail for illegally holding up himself as chief of Pantang hence his position has been nullified.

According to the Afutu Brempong family heads, by his imprisonment, Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah is indeed not a chief of the community and that doing business with him is dangerous and will amount to contempt to court.

According to them, anybody who does business with the said Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah (Nii Adjetey Otubuah II) does so at his or her own risk.

According to the Nii Afutu Brempong and Nii Sasraku family of Teshie krobo Nii Kotie Afutu Brempong III is the legal ahas gazetted chief of Pantang.Alleged SThey averred that Evans Tawiah Quaye Otubuah aka “Nii Adjetey Otubuah II” has no authority over the Pantang lands and that anybody who had business deals with him in the past in his ā€˜fakeā€™ capacity regarding the Pantang lands must come to the Afutu Brempong family for regularization of their documents or stand the chance of losing their properties when the family takes action.

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