Prof. G.K.T Oduro, spokesperson to the Manifesto Committee on Education writes


God has already destined a win for the NDC represented by JM and Obaatanpa in the Agona East. What we need is a maximization of the winning votes’ These were the comments made by some participants at a packed rally addressed by Prof G.K.T. Oduro and Dr. Ackom at Agona Asafo on 22nd November, 2020.

In his address, Prof Oduro outlined the educational provisions in the People’s Manifesto. He debunked the NPP’s propaganda that JM would abolish the Free SHS if voted for. He told the crowd that JM implemented a quality-indexed Free SHS. JM started with day schools in 2014 with a roadmap of extending it to boarding schools. That’s why JM invested in E-blocks and Community Secondary Schools. JM”s Free SHS ensured quality education for deprived SHS in the country. Prof Oduro explained that NPP’s approach to Free SHS implementation was hastily implemented without thinking about the quality dimension of Free SHS. He urged the people to ignore the false messages of the NPP and vote massively for the NDC.

On his part, Dr. Ackom called on citizens of Agona Asafo to vote massively for the NDC. He said, all development projects in Agona Asafo were provided by the NDC. The words of a song learnt at the rally was ‘ Yɛre brɛ dodow . Nana W’adadaa yɛn . Mahama san bɛtoaso . Nana paake wo nneɛma kɔ ‘ translated as ‘ We’re suffering too much . Nana has deceived us . Mahama come and continue. Nana pack and go away’.

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