President Akufo-Addo Urged To Reappoint Weija-Gbewe MCE For Second Term


Scores of residents in the Weija-Gbewe Constituency of the Greater Accra Region have appealed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to consider the good works done by the current Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Weija-Gbewe Municipal Assembly, Mr Patrick Kumor, and retain him in his second term.

According to them, their MCE performed extremely well in his first term and believes will do even much better for the area if he is maintained by the President.

The constituents made up of prominent chiefs, academicians, traditional office holders, faith based organisational leaders, market folks and youth in an random investigations conducted by stated that changing Mr Kumor will cause a delay in the progress of Weija-Gbewe Municipality considering the good and services he has rendered to the municipality since his appointment.

They asserted that the MCE has done nothing wrong to be changed and has served the people well since he assumed office.

They were in the view that any attempt by sacking the MCE will bring a retrogression in our area.

However in this regard, the constituents who are happy about working with Mr Kumor pleaded with President Akufo-Addo to give him another four years.

“We are saying that our President to renew the mandate of the MCE and if he is not able to perform then we change him but not now,” said by some market men and women in the area.

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Scores of chiefs, faith based organisational leaders and students interviewed by this reporter in some electoral areas within the municipality expressed satisfaction with the performance of Mr Kumor in the past three and half years and backed him to be reappointed by the President.

According to them, Mr Kumor never undermined the work of the NPP and they will support him if the government maintains him as the MCE.

They stated that the MCE was instrumental in helping the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Weija-Gbewe Constituency, Mrs Gifty Nana Ayeley Tina Mensah in winning the parliamentary seat.

They pointed out that the MCE
has initiated pragmatic measures to complete most of the abandoned healt, road, water and sanitation, education, electricity projects under the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) since he took the office.

According to them, all the developmental projects and programmes done in the area by Mr Kumor in his first term are visible for anyone to see.

They stated that the MCE has been in office for just three and half years, but has initiated a lot of social and infrastructure intervention projects and programmes in the municipality, more than any other MCE who has been in the area.

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The constituents touched on various roads that have been constructed under the administration of Mr Kumor, in the last three years.

They mentioned that, the MCE has put measures in place to build six new CHPS compound at different communities in the municipality to aid healthcare.

The residents also talked about, drainage that have been constructed by the MCE to stop flooding in the area, in addition they spoke about measures taken by Mr Kumor in solving other related problems, to make life comfortable for the constituents.

Speaking about security, they said about two thousand, 2000 streetlights have been fixed in the municipality to prevent criminal activities.

In an attempt to manage sanitation issues in Weija Gbawe Municipal Assembly, the residents noted that Mr Kumor has positioned eighty-four 340ml bins at vantage points in the assembly; which is aimed at controlling the rampant instances of littering.

To redeem the situation, they indicated that the MCE  has made provisions for ‘borla taxis’ which are designed to go round and empty the bins on a daily basis, to ensure a very clean environment for the assembly.

They said Hon Kumor also supplied sanitation facilities to Oblogo Kindergarten block at Tetegu, an Islamic School at Mallam Gbawe, Djoma, and Weija Presby Junior High School.

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A fence wall has been erected around the Gbawe Methodist School to ensure the safety of the pupils in the school.

They added that under the administration of the MCE, the crime rate is relatively less under his term in office, due to the illumination of the streets with lights at points of crime incidence.
In terms of infrastructure and amenities, they pointed out that Mr  Kumor had provided mono-desks and dual beds to the schools, adding that the excess was given to schools outside the municipality.

They mentioned that under the administration of Weija Gbawe MCE, a total of four CHPS (Community Health-Based Planning and Services) compounds have been built in the municipality, with the help of Hon Tina Gifty Naa Ayele Mensah (Member of Parliament of Weija Gbawe and the Deputy Minister of Health).

They noted that during administration of the MCE, the Akawe Hospital has undergone expansions such as a new, befitting maternity block.

To ease the pressure on Akawe, they said the MCE has ordered for  the construction of the CHPS compounds for satellite areas that will require other health posts.” The places they mentioned included Oblogo, Tetegu, and Weija.


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