Meet stunning Ghanaian nurse whose black skin has been taken over by vitiligo


A beautiful Ghanaian nurse by name Enam Honya Heikeens has had her beautiful black skin taken over by a skin condition called vitiligo which started when she was only seven.

In an interview with, Enam, who is also the director for Vitiligo Ghana Foundation, indicates that she now helps people to also fight against the stigma that people suffer due to their condition, mentioning that it has not been an easy journey at all.

Almost throughout her life, Enam has had to put up with people looking strangely at her and at worse, avoiding any form of contact with her as though she had a contagious disease like COVID-19.

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In her own words, “People are always asking questions about my skin. They always stare at me and there have been instances when community folks don’t want to board the same bus with you, or have their kids befriend you because they think the condition is contagious” Enam attended basic school at Keta Anlo State School after which she later went to Keta Business Senior High School and subsequently had her tertiary education at Keta Nursing and Midwifery training college. Vitiligo is not a skin condition whose cause is unknown and is also not curable although some other people use treatment therapies.

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According to Enam, her motivation is to keep inspiring people with vitiligo, learning new things and coming up with ideas to eradicate the stigma attached to vitiligo

Photo credit: Enam Honya

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