IGP Must Deal With Troublemakers In Kokrobite Now

Divisional Chief of Koklobite under the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ofei III, has called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo-Dampare to, immediately impress upon the police officers deal with the self seeking elders and members of the Nii Arde Nkpa Royal Family from Plerno in Accra to prevent them to continue to cause unnecessary trouble and confusion in the area.
Consequently, the gazzeted Chief stressed the urgent need for the IGP to also order his men to call to order Mr Stanley Tagoe aka Armah Fit, an close associate of the head of the Nii Arde Nkpa Royal Family,  Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe.
Nii Ofei III pointed out that Mr Stanley Tagoewho has been found of organising thugs to cause many mayhems at Koklobite and its adjoining communities in Accra which situation has created insecurity and tension in the area.
According to the chief, his attention was drawn to the information being announced on the public information centre by one Mawuvor at Koklobite township on Thursday January 6, 2022 to the effect that Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe and his followers from Plenor in James Town in Accra would hold a public durbar on Friday January  7, 2022 for chiefs and elders at Kotia area of Koklobite, which has fallen under his (Nii Ofei II) traditional jurisdiction.
Nii Ofei III pointed out that he found it extremely difficult to understand what capacity Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe and his followers have to reach a decision to hold a traditional event in his traditional area without even the consent and knowledge of him and his kinsmen who are the custodian owners of the Koklobite Divisional Area.
According to the Chief, when he lodged an complain on Thursday January 6, 2022 to the Koklobite Police Station about the misconduct of the elders of Arde Nkpa Royal Family, the police told him that they were not informed by the elders of Arde Nkpa Royal Family to organize such public durbar at Koklobite.
Following this development, he stated that the police have ranged Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe via telephone call and asked him why he made such public announcement to organize public event on Friday January 7, 2022 at Koklobite township without the notice of the traditional authorities and police.
He pointed out that the various explanations offered by Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe to answer the questions did not convinced the police for which the police advised him (Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoeto) to rescind their decision to organize the programme.
The police further cautioned Mr Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe not to step his foot at the durbar since they want peace to prevail in Koklobite and its adjoining fishing communities in Accra.
But unlawfully, according to Nii Ofei II, the elders and members of Arde Nkpa Royal Family have defied the police order by way of mounting tents on Friday January 7, 2021 at the venue in preparation to hold the durbar, which situation, he stated amounts to the public order offences.
“We saw some notorious landguards and some machomen this morning at the planned venue background of the highly publicized durbar and l draw the attention to the police officers of Koklobite.
“So l calling on the IGP to impress upon the police officers at the Koklobite Police Station to deal with these trouble makers because l don’t want any trouble to happen in my area. We are saying that we shall resist any attempt of the elders of Arde Nkpa Royal Family to continue to cause trouble in Koklobite township.
The chief recounted the numbers of many attempts by the elders and members of Arde Nkpa Royal Family to disrespect his stool chieftaincy status and called on the IGP to institute proactive measures to intervene into the case.
Sounding peace, the Divisional Chief of Kokrobite  sent a chilly warning to individuals and interest groups who have sworn to drag the name of the town in the mud.
He lamented that some people are cunningly scheming destroying the Stool, to satisfy their selfish gains.
He therefore reminded such individuals that, the town belongs to the god called Kokrobite, in whose name the town was named; and that the same deity will visit people who are seeking to destroy the town.
To this end, the chief called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,  the Inspector General of Police and all related state actors to call the elders and members of Arde Nkpa Royal Family to order, to cause them to refrain from such and many more.
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