“God has taken the power & keys from the elephant” – Owusu Bempah on 2024 Elections


Reverend Isaac Owusu- Bempah has disclosed that his latest vision suggests that God has taken back the keys to the presidency from the current NPP government and is waiting to hand it over to the right person in 2024.

The Head Pastor of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International who revealed this during a sermon to his congregation members urged Ghanaians not to challenge what God has shown to him.

According to him, it is an irreversible deal that has been done and sealed in the spiritual realm waiting to manifest.

“If you don’t understand, don’t doubt me. Don’t talk about it. Just keep quiet and observe,” he advised.

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“God has taken the power and keys from the elephant with the tail of the serpent years after crowning the creature as king over Ghana.

“It is the same angel flaming with power that gave the key to the creature looking like the elephant with the tail of a serpent… A voice spoke from the heavens and it sounded like a prophet and it told the same flaming angel to take back the key from the elephant.

“There was silence in Heaven… the elephant with the tail of a serpent tried to bite the flaming angel that gave it the keys earlier… but another mighty angel of the Lord protected the flaming angel from the elephant [SIC].

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“From what I saw in the vision, the key and the crown are no longer with the elephant that has the tail of the serpent. So now who shall the heavens crown? Will God give it to the creature with the semblance of a lion and the head of an eagle or the elephant with the wings of an eagle and tail looking like a serpent?

When Owusu- Bempah predicted the outcomes of the 2016 and 2020 general elections, he was emphatic in saying the results would be in favour of the elephant, and the NPP whose symbol is the elephant won the two elections.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Photo by: Rev Owusu Bempah (Facebook)

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