Covid-19: SHS student still alive after oxygen shortage in ambulance to Ridge hospital


A mother who has her son at the isolation centre at the Ridge Hospital, Maame Effua, has said the oxygen placed on her son while he was being transported to the Ridge Hospital after showing signs of Covid-19 got finished on their way.

Her son, a student at the Swedru School of Business, showed symptoms of Covid-19 after falling sick and having difficulty in briefing.

The boy was then transferred to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital for assessment and tests to be done on him.

While on their way to Accra, she told Alfred Ocansey in an interview on the Sunriseprogramme on 3FM Monday, July 20 that the attendants in the ambulance communicated to her at a point on their journey that the oxygen was finished and that her son was struggling to breathe.

Lo and behold, she said, they got to the hospital and a new oxygen was placed on him for further assessment.

Maame Effua said: “Two days he was under oxygen. At a point when we were coming to the Ridge hospital I was told that the oxygen got finished when we were moving him from Swedru to the Ridge hospital.”

“The following day I came back to the hospital and the doctor told me that his condition had stabilized a bit and that they are awaiting the lab results.

“I sent a phone to him through one of the doctors before I could speak to him. Even with that the voice wasn’t coming out properly. But he is currently under treatment.”


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