Breaking News: World Health Organization Sends Important Message to the World On Coronavirus Vaccine


It is now a whopping 8 months from the time the world was swept and jeopardized by the unexpected incoming of the deadly novel pandemic COVID-19. Ever since, the world has been in a ‘standstill’, where innocent lives are getting claimed on a daily basis.

Due to this, researcher and doctor all across the world have been busy to come up with a long term solution for the pandemic, where a vaccine has been given an upper hand over cure, taking into consideration that it might take more time than expected for the pandemic and also due to mutation. Different countries like the USA, China, Russia, and India are among those reported to be in the final stages of coming up with a vaccine.

This has been hitting the headlines where many have been anticipating. There has been a big question revolving after some top countries made announced that they will use the vaccine in their own countries, thus making it hard for the developing countries to acquire the services, which will be giving at a high fee.

Now the World Health Organization through the organization Secretary-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus have revisited the issue over the vaccine nationalism and said that the organization is working closely with different sectors and government through ACT-Accelerator are set to make it sure that whenever a vaccine will be out, it will be available to everyone, mostly those at risk.

This comes in a time where some countries have been supporting the nationalism vaccine where they opt to sell the vaccine at a high fee to those vulnerable to the pandemic.

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