Ave Council Of Chiefs Warns Public To Ignore Imposters


Dully elected and accredited executive members of Ave Council of Chiefs in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region have stated categorically that those groups of chiefs who claimed to have been the members of Ave Council of Chiefs who currently attacked the integrity of the Akatsi North District Chief Executive (DCE), Dr. Prince Sodoke Amuzu are Importers.

A recent statement signed and issued by President of Ave Council of Chiefs, Torgbui Nyamekor Glakpe V and 2nd Vice President of Ave Council of Chiefs, Torgbui Tamekloe XI warned the general public to ignore statement of those imposter chiefs who called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo not to reappoint the DCE for the second terms.

But in the statement, the accredited chiefs of the Council described Dr Amuzu as a hard working DCE who has so far worked in the expectation of the constitutes

“We want to call on the general public to ignore the importers because they don’t have traditional and Chieftaincy capacity to call for the removal of the DCE from his office,” the statement advised.

The statement which was copied to DAILY Analyst indicated it has come to the attention of the duly elected and sworn-in executives of the Ave Council of Chiefs that some group of Chiefs have issued a press statement with a litany of unfounded allegations and factually inaccurate statements in the name of the Council.

At the instructions of the President of the Ave Council of Chiefs, the statement noted set the record straight that since the inception of the Ave Council of Chiefs in 2004, Paramount Chief of Ave Dakpa Traditional Area Torgbui Nyamekor Glakpe V, has always been the President and remain the re-elected President to date.

At the most recent election, the statement pointed out that Torgbui Nyamekor Glakpe V, President of the Council, 1st Vice President;Torgbui Hodzi Dunyo IV, 2nd Vice President; Torgbui Tamekloe XI, Treasurer; Mama Sashikpey III, Financial Secretary; Torgbui Kponor Gedzu V, Public Relations Officer (PRO); Torgbui Gbedzegah were elected executive members of Ave Council of Chiefs.

These members, according to the statement were sworn-in by the Magistrate of the Akatsi North District Magistrate Court in the presence of the District Chief Executive, Dr. Prince Sodoke Amuzu as Executives:

Other appointments includes the General Secretary; Mac-Solo Dziwornu Ziddah, 1st Deputy General Secretary; Joseph Drafor;2nd Deputy General Secretary; Simon P.K Adorku who are not Chiefs were appointed by the Council to provide secretarial and administrative services to the Council.

“Per our statutes, at no point will a person so appointed and not been a Chief hold himself as the spokesperson of the Ave Council of Chiefs (an Association of Chiefs,” the statement explained.

To this end, the statement mentioned that any claims, allegations and attacks from such a person or group he works with is an attack on the leadership of the Ave Council of Chiefs.

The statement further explained that
their activities are also deemed fraudulent and an attempt to perpetuate a coup d’état on the duly elected and sworn-in leadership of the Council especially when such an ‘illegal breakaway group’ uses the name of the Council without recourse to the leadership of the Council.

For the records, the statement said the self-acclaimed spokesperson of the group is not a chief and has no business parading himself as one but rather a Secretary of the Ave Council of Chiefs.

Similarly, the statement stressed that the supposed leader of the breakaway group; Torgbui Adogo Agbalekpor is not a registered member of the Ave Council of Chiefs and has no locus discussing issues of the Ave Council of Chiefs.

The statement averred that Torgbui Adogo Agbalekpor is indeed a newly enstooled Chief and therefore, naturally he lacks information about the operations of Ave Council of Chiefs and so on.

“Having said these, it is therefore important for the media, the public and the government to ignore and disregard the claims and activities of this group; as they do not in anyway represent the Ave Council of Chiefs and the people of Ave. Furthermore, treat their statement and allegations with all the contempt they deserve,” the statement stressed.

In the meantime, the statement advised the media to note of the facts the leader of the breakaway group cannot usurp the authority of leadership of the Ave Council of Chiefs since he (Torgbui Adogo Agbalekpor) is not even a registered member, has not paid any dues and is not an elected Executive of the Council.

According to the statement, only two signatories on their fraudulent release are recognized by the Ave Council of Chiefs and “we will take steps to verify if they really signed and whether the content was well explained to them.

“If we find out that they have concerns, we will not stop at anything to reconcile with our colleagues and resolve any concerns amicably as respected Chiefs would do.

The statement declared that the signature of the Paramount Chief of Ave Afiadenyigba was fake, adding that theParamount Chief of Ave Havi Traditional Area is Torgbui Agboka Sowu and not the one who signed.

“This is well established by a committee of Ave Council of Chiefs chaired by Torgbui Dzidenu Zoglo III and assisted by Torgbui Kwame Dogli II among others,’ the statement emphasized.

According to the statement, any member who wishes to serve the Ave Council of Chiefs must wait and participate in the democratic elections and win, so he can serve all of us with dignity.

The statement advised people seeking to occupy the office of the DCE of the Akatsi North District to do so with decorum, dignity and respect for all as has been demonstrated by the current DCE.

The statement warned that engaging people to insult Chiefs, bringing confusion among Chiefs and using the media to solve minor misunderstandings will not augur well for any politician in our area.

“Clearly, we have become victims of the excesses of the struggle for the DCE position of the Assembly. We call for calm as we take steps to resolve all concerns of our members amicably.
As leaders of a well-respected Council of Chiefs, we have put the communication out to help bring clarity to matters.

“We shall not be tempted to speak on this matter again, but rather we shall commit our time and resources to working to bring peace and unity amongst all Chiefs of the Ave Areas.

The statement assured President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of our full support to his government and his appointees to deliver the needed development to the people of Akatsi North and Ghana as a whole.

The statement urged the President to consider honouring our hardworking DCE, Dr. Prince Sodoke Amuzu with a Ministerial appointment or any other appointment he deems fit so he can do more for us in his government.









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