AFCOP Commends Vodafone-Ghana for Waiving MoMo Transfer Fees


The Alliance for Financial Consumer Protection (AFCOP) has applauded Vodafone Ghana on the waived fees on transfers from Vodafone Cash to all mobile money wallets.

AFCOP is an independent civil society organization incorporated under the laws of Ghana and dedicated to promoting the protection of financial consumers in Ghana and across Africa.

Over the past months, AFCOP has been advocating financial service providers, including mobile money operators, to offer meaningful reliefs to consumers in order to partially alleviate the negative economic impact of COVID-19 on households.

In a statement issued in Accra by the President, WoelinamDogbe, he expressed gratitude to Vodafone Ghana for showing leadership by elevating consumer interest above its corporate revenue and profit interests.

According to him, AFCOP is particularly pleased that Vodafone did not limit the fee waiver to only transfers terminating in Vodafone Cash wallets.

“With health experts warning that a potential mode of transmission of the coronavirus is through the handling of cash, it is imperative that players in the digital financeecosystem commit themselves to driving consumer behaviour change; by nudging consumers to choose digital channels over cash transactions,” the President added.

He said AFCOP believes the most viable way to build a cash lite society is by lowering the cost of using digital channels.

“We therefore call on other mobile money operators in Ghana to follow Vodafone’s exemplary leadership by also waiving fees on all mobile money transfers. There can be no greater service to humanity than this, during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr. Dogbe requested.

He concluded that AFCOP renews with this statement its call on all financial service providers to show genuine empathy towards consumers and to eschew tokenism and public relations gimmickry.

By: Isaac Dzidzoamenu

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